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Jiomart Affiliate Program Detailed Guide (Step-by-step)

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Have you ever heard about E-commerce Affiliate marketing programs? Well, lots of E-commerce stores are providing facilities for affiliate marketers to promote & earn from their affiliate program.

In this blog, I will discuss what is JioMart, how you can earn from the JioMart affiliate program, the benefits of joining the program, the requirements, and how you can earn using JioMart associates, etc.

Let’s get started with a small introduction to affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the key to generating passive income through the website, cashback, and coupon portal, on which a marketer works as a middleman between merchants and customers.

An affiliate marketer is responsible for driving traffic for merchants via the promotion of products, and services, and paid by merchants as a commission after successful purchases by customers on the merchant’s website.

Let’s deep dive into JioMart.

What is JioMart?

JioMart is an E-commerce online shopping portal from Reliance Jio launched in January 2023. It’s a platform on which customers can order online from WhatsApp text. Customers have to just say “Hi” and the system will ask for a Pincode, after the purchase of an order, the product will be delivered within 2 days by the Jiomart Delivery Executive.


The company is aiming to sell through local Kirana stores along with Reliance Fresh and Reliance Smart.

JioMart is basically for groceries, vegetables, fruits, different food items, grooming, beverages, healthcare, and baby care products. JioMart is also planning to stock over 50,000 grocery platforms for consumers to buy every essential product they need.

It was first launched in Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Kalyan. Now, it is available in more than 200 small and big towns. Also, Facebook announced in late April that they are investing $5.7 billion in Reliance Jio. It will definitely be helpful in JioMart’s growth and expansion.


Considering JioMart is going to be India’s biggest E-commerce platform, there will be strong competition against Grofers, Amazon Fresh, Flipkart Supermarket, and BigBasket. Moreover, after owning Flipkart, Walmart is also planning to come up with a full-fledged business.


What is the JioMart affiliate program?

Jiomart Affiliates is a program that allows affiliate marketers to earn referral fees when they click on affiliate links and buy products from jiomart e-commerce store.

Affiliate marketers can promote products on review blogs, YouTube videos, etc., and can earn up to 10% commission per sale.

As promoter you don’t need to take care of product inventory or deliver them. Simply, encouraging people to buy Jiomart’s products via affiliate links can make you earn passive income.

JioMart affiliate program is going to be India’s most popular and profitable affiliate program in the upcoming years.

What are the requirements to join JioMart affiliate program?

JioMart is a big merchant and well-known E-commerce brand. Every affiliate should follow the guidelines and accept terms and conditions. This is mandatory for every other merchant’s affiliate programs too.

Apart from that, there are some other necessary documents that usually all affiliate program requires (prediction for now).

1. Your Business Name and Website

2. What are your plans to bring traffic and strategies?

3. Your niche and the products you want to promote

4. Identity proof and pancard details

5. Bank account number or preferred method to receive payments.

If you have a blog website, YouTube channel, or influencer on social media, there is a better chance of getting approval from the JioMart affiliate program.

JioMart Affiliate Commission Rate

Jiomart affiliate commision rate

JioMart Affiliates can earn up to 10-15% commission. This commission varies according to categories, niches/products.

These are predicted advertising fees/Commission rates from different studies. To get some good ideas for those who are planning to join JioMart Affiliate I will give a predicted overview of commission rates for some products.

⮞ For Toys, baby care products, fitness, and outdoor products watch shoes, clothes, bags, affiliates will be able to get 8-10% advertising fees (commission).

⮞ Software, Movies, industrial products, books, home appliances, various other digital products, jewelry, beauty, health, and grooming products are likely to get a 5-8% commission for affiliates.

⮞ Mobile phones, Heavy machine parts, and Laptop products that are having little costlier can get a commission in the range between 2.5-4% Commission.

Once the official guidelines and fee structure are announced, we will update prices here. Stay tuned to this article. Click here to visit JioMart’s official website.

Jiomart Affiliate Program Minimum Withdrawal Payout

It is expected that a minimum of Rs.1000 will be able to withdraw at a time. Also, it has been said that the JioMart affiliate has set the minimum amount to be withdrawn from the total sell confirmed.

Launch Date Of JioMart Affiliate Program

JioMart affiliate program is not live yet, we’re keenly keeping an eye on the announcement.

Probably, it’s expected to be available from OptimiseAdmitad, and Vcommission. So, you may create an affiliate account with any of these websites. This is our assumption looking at the Jio recharge campaign was live with these websites.

Keep visiting this blog as we would be keeping it updated with more information as soon as it is available, including the JioMart affiliate Registration link(step-by-step guide).


Why you should be a JioMart affiliate program?

why join jiomart affiliate program

⮞ It is entirely free to join the JioMart Affiliate program.

⮞ A large number of products are available to promote different Jiomart affiliate campaigns. As JioMart is an Online Grocery with a wide range of fruits, vegetables, baby care products, and personal care products, Affiliate Marketers have many varieties to promote—especially baby care products and groceries.

Automatic payment system for affiliates. Once people click on your affiliate links and make a purchase you will automatically get paid on the dashboard of the JioMart Affiliate system. Once the minimum withdrawal limit is crossed, Marketers can quickly transfer the amount to their bank account.

⮞ One of the major advantages of JioMart Affiliate is that Affiliate marketers can earn commission on every qualified product, not just the products they promote. If anyone clicks on a particular product and doesn’t purchase it but purchases any other products on the same visit, affiliates are eligible to get the commission.

⮞ JioMart is having 24/7 Customer service support. So, if they have any problem regarding the purchase or anything, affiliates don’t have to worry about that, the JioMart support team will take care of it. Marketers can more focus on promotion and various strategies.

⮞ JioMart is already a brand and having lots of traffic. People trust JioMart. There is a higher chance of getting loyal customers through affiliate promotion.

⮞ Well-organized reporting and support system for affiliate marketers. A system automatically generates who clicks on which links and what products are selling. In case of any query, the Affiliate can always contact the support team.

Earn with the JioMart affiliate marketing program

Let’s quickly go through, How does affiliate marketing work? and process.

affiliate marketing works

People always search for products they want online and trying to figure out the best match they can get.

If you have your own website where you list different offers, deals, coupons, and cashback people will definitely come to your website and once they click on the offer they will be redirected to respective E-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, Aliexpress, etc.

The next step is for customers to make a purchase on those websites. Same as on JioMart where you can make a purchase of Grocery items, beverages, and other food items.

You can list JioMart cashback, coupons, and deals they are providing many benefits for their loyal customers.

Once the order is placed you will be paid as commission, You can keep the majority of the commission and pass the rest as cashback that you mentioned on your website.

You probably have a question on how this affiliate link builds and how cashback tracking works. let’s dive into it.

Affiliate Link Building and Tracking

link building

E-commerce websites are working with lots of affiliate marketers and publishers. Therefore, they provide different links to each marketer and publisher. So, they will be able to know later that through which link the purchase is made and they can provide the commission they deserve.

Once the customer clicks on offers or deals, the affiliate network, which is associated with your website starts tracking everything. For Example, they capture click ID, click time, user id, IP address, and link.

These data are stored in the browser through cookies from which the user is searching. Now, the user will be redirected to the store and make a purchase. On successful purchase, the data is again fetched by your cashback website using the API, and allot the cashback to the corresponding users by keeping some share of the commission earned.

Once your website is ready with all the necessary setup then how to promote it, get the traffic, and follow the trends? let’s discuss it.

Promote JioMart Coupon Cashback Offers


Blogging and Social media are popular ways to promote any cashback coupon website and drive massive traffic.

You can write different articles and blogs to promote your products and make people purchase them. People always look for reviews of products and services. So, you can make YouTube videos for honest reviews, different upcoming cashback, and offers. YouTube is becoming a stable income source for cashback coupon website owners.

Moreover, PPC campaigns are very effective for new Cashback coupon websites to drive more traffic.

Your cashback website should be to be highly responsive and easy to navigate which will hugely impact customer’s shopping journeys.

EnactSoft develops a highly scalable and fully automated cashback coupon website, app, and browser extension solutions for affiliate entrepreneurs and business owners.

EnactSoft highly prefers to have JioMart offers, deals, and coupons on cashback websites that are going to be a Win-Win factor. Why? Because JioMart promotes and offers lots of cashback, coupons, and deals and treading on among E-commerce platforms.


How to promote jioMart affiliate products? (Solutions)


World’s #1 comprehensive coupon & cashback business solution with a WordPress-based cashback website coupled with PHP-based cashback admin panel. It aims to offer an easy way to launch your affiliate business startup at an affordable investment and a really short time. Also, have Chrome, and Firefox Browser Extension to face-lift your cashback business.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more common throughout the world. More and more people intend to invest in them. As an affiliate business owner, you can provide cryptocurrency as a cashback reward to your users.

Crypto cashback scripts are similar to most of the cashback scripts on the web. They simply enable users to get their cashback rewards as crypto coins or traditional currency.

Here is a blog explaining the differences between CashbackOS and other cashback solutions.


The performance-optimized cashback system with a website developed on AngularJS, PHP Laravel, and other latest frameworks to offer better security and sustainability with chrome and firefox browser extensions.


Best crypto cashback solution to attract crypto enthusiasts and avid crypto investors. Reward crypto coins as cashback for online shopping. Users can transfer crypto rewards in their crypto wallet by adding a wallet id.


Perfect cashback system to promote offline or in-store products with coupon and cashback offers. It’s a combined cashback system that includes in-store and online cashback offers. Highly scalable system that allows you to establish a strong offline presence in a local marketplace.

Fundback: Fundraising charity cashback system

The FundBack enables shoppers to donate cashback earning to their preferred charities. Listing of stores, coupons, offers with branded charity pages, the FundBack is the perfect business solution for startups. Most of the operations are automated with various network API integrations to create stores, offers, coupons, track donations along with email notification and many more


Cashback Android and iOS app solutions perfect for the app-only business platforms to tap into your mobile audience. Manage all options from the intuitive admin CMS and reach out to millions of mobile users today!


JioMart is the largest growing E-commerce store in India, offering lots of cashback, deals, and coupons.

If you’re looking to dive into the cashback and affiliate industry in India, promoting the JioMart affiliate program is the best option you can go for.

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