Coupomated rest API

Integrate the Coupomated coupon Rest API on your website, app or any custom platform.

XML/JSON Format Data & Responses

Pick any response that works best for your platform


You can find specific information regarding our API endpoints by clicking on the view documentation button.
General parameters will apply to all endpoint requests.


All APIs can be requested in either JSON or XML data format. JSON is preferred.


We use token authentication for API calls. Token can be re-generated at any time in the dashboard.

API Endpoint Documentation

Endpoints are specific coupon data feed. Each can be called separately with different supplied parameters for different feed responses.

Coupon API Integration Guidelines

First-time Feed Import

Get the master data for merchants, categories. If you already have created master data, create a mapping with your name/IDs from the dashboard.

coupon api

To process the full feeds, create an integration with the following steps :


Call the merchant & coupon feeds API from Coupomated into a respective table in your database.


If you already had created merchants or categories, then you don’t need to call the API to create those records. Our feed will contain your IDs/Name as you would have entered in the dashboard


Tag all the offers to appropriate merchants

Incremental Feed Import

Incremental feeds contain ONLY those offers that were added, modified, or suspended since your last import.


To process the Incremental feeds, create a script with following steps :


Call the Incremental feeds API from Coupomated into an intermediate staging table in your database.


For each Coupomated Coupon ID, check the “status” of the coupon

  • If the status is “New”, insert this as a new coupon into your database.
  • If the status is “Updated”, update all existing offer details into your database.
  • If the status is “Expired”, remove (or mark as expired) this offer from your database.


Tag all the offers to appropriate merchants


Please insert the data in your database and serve the same to your users, instead of requesting the data over live API again.

Any change in the network status or links or merchant selection will be updated in the feed automatically, however, if you wish to view the changes in the dashboard, you can view the same by regenerating the content.


Do not have a developer to help you with integration development?

contact us for the quote to develop integration for your custom platform specific integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do take up the integration for clients on a one-time chargeable basis. The integration charges vary from website to website, but generally, it’s between Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 20,000 + taxes.

Please contact our support team via the helpdesk and our team will answer your query. Please note that the mode of support is linked to your subscription plan. Refer to our price plan to learn more about this.

Coupon API integration for custom platforms can help you to:

– Enhance your user engagement and retention by offering them attractive coupons, deals, and cashback offers.
– Increase your revenue and conversions by earning commissions for each sale or lead generated through the coupons.
– Save time and effort by getting the coupon data updated automatically every hour.
Customize the coupon data according to your preferences and requirements.

With Coupomated’s Coupon API integration, you can provide your users with a regularly updated, extensive list of deals and coupons, making your platform a go-to resource for savvy shoppers. This could help increase user engagement, drive more traffic, and improve customer loyalty.

Absolutely! Any business that offers online shopping can benefit from coupon tool integration. It provides your customers with easy access to deals and discounts, adding value to their shopping experience and potentially increasing your sales.

Absolutely! Coupomated provides comprehensive support to help you with any difficulties you encounter during the integration process or while using the coupon tool.

By providing your customers with easy access to the latest discounts and deals, you enhance their shopping experience, which can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to higher retention rates.