Why Expired Coupons Are Hurting Your Business and How to Fix It

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Imagine finally finding the perfect coupon for that item you’ve been eyeing, only to discover at checkout that it’s expired.

This isn’t really a great feeling for anyone, right?
But this is not uncommon, expired coupons are everywhere. Nearly one third of coupons that you find online are either expired or not valid.

Expired coupons come with their own disadvantages for every affiliate marketer running a coupon and cashback site.

In this article, we are going to discuss the problems with expired coupons and how we can solve them.

Let’s start with what expired coupons are.

What Are Expired Coupons?

Expired coupons are discount offers that have passed their validity date and can no longer be redeemed. You might find them in a month-old email, on websites, or within apps. It can sometimes lead to confusion and frustration if the expiry is not mentioned properly.

The Problems with Expired Coupons

Loss of Consumer Trust

In markets where there are lots of options, maintaining trust is super important. When customers find that a coupon has expired, it leads to disappointment and loss of trust. This is particularly damaging if shoppers feel misled by outdated promotions.

Decreased Conversion Rates

An expired coupon impacts your conversion rates. Imagine if a customer is about to checkout using a coupon, and they find out that it is expired. The customer made up their mind to make a purchase and get a discount with the coupon. But now that the coupon has expired, the customer might have second thoughts and will not buy the product.

Damage to Affiliate Reputation

When customers find expired coupons, it can make them look bad. It seems like the Affiliate doesn’t care or is trying to trick people into making commissions. This can turn customers away from other options where the deals are fresh and reliable.

Marketing Inefficiencies

When an affiliate keeps pushing expired coupons, it’s basically wasting effort and resources. This means you are spending time and money on promotions that won’t work, which could have been used for something that actually brings more customers.

Financial Discrepancies

Dealing with expired coupons can also create money problems for a business. It makes it hard to figure out budgets because you can’t tell exactly how much you’re spending or making if old coupons are still floating around. This confusion also makes it tough to keep track of earnings correctly because you have to sort out which sales used good coupons and which ones used expired ones. It’s a lot of extra hassle that can be avoided.

Legal and Compliance Risks

Using expired coupons can also get an affiliate into legal trouble. Some countries have strict rules about advertising, including making sure all promotion dates are correct. If an affiliate keeps showing expired coupons, it might face fines or legal actions for misleading customers. This means it’s really important to stay on top of coupon dates to avoid these risks and keep everything running smoothly.

Solutions to Manage Expired Coupons

Real-Time Coupon Updates

Implementing real-time coupon updates is a smart way to solve the problem of expired coupons. This system automatically checks and updates the status of coupons across all platforms the moment they expire. So, whenever a coupon’s expires, it is either removed or refreshed with new details. This keeps all promotions accurate and up-to-date, ensuring that customers only see offers that are valid and ready to use. 

Manual verification

Manual verification adds an extra layer of reliability to coupon management. By having a team or platform that regularly checks and confirms that all coupons are still valid, affiliates can find expired coupons that automated systems might have missed. This approach makes sure that every promotion is up-to-date and trustworthy before it reaches the customer.

Regular Audits

Regular audits are important for keeping your coupon strategy clean and effective. By periodically reviewing all the coupons and promotional materials across different platforms, affiliates can spot and remove any expired or incorrect offers. This process helps to keep your promotions updated. 

Technological Integration and API Management

Technological integration and API management help keep all your coupon information up-to-date across different platforms. By connecting your coupon system with others through APIs, any changes to coupons—like when they expire or get updated—is automatically updated everywhere. This makes sure everything stays accurate and consistent,

There is one solution that can help you solve all your challenges regarding to expired coupons- Coupomated.

What is Coupomated?

Coupomated is a tool that helps people who run coupon and cashback websites keep their deals up-to-date automatically. It connects with many affiliate networks to bring the latest coupons and deals straight to your site. This means you don’t have to manually update your coupons, which saves a lot of time and keeps your offers fresh for your visitors.

How Coupomated can help you solve these challenges?

100% manually verified coupons

At Coupomated, we make sure that every coupon is thoroughly checked by a real person before it goes live. This eliminates the chance of expired or incorrect coupons reaching the customer, It saves you from maintaining trust with your audience and keeps your coupon and cashback site reliable. 

Multiple network integration

With Coupomated, affiliate marketers can manage coupons across various affiliate networks from a single platform. This integration simplifies the process of tracking and updating coupons. It makes sure that you always offer the most current and appealing deals, and increase your earning potential.

Deeplink Creation

Coupomated helps create deep links that direct users straight to the product page, bypassing unnecessary pages. This improves the user experience by making it easier for customers to make purchases. Also, it leads to higher conversion rates for customers.

Network Prioritization

Coupomated not only allows affiliates to manage multiple networks but also automatically updates coupons and links on affiliate sites to prioritize those with the highest commission rates. This feature helps affiliates consistently present the most appealing deals to their audience and maximize their commission earnings. 

Affiliate Link Management

Managing and tracking affiliate links can be complex. Coupomated simplifies this by offering a centralized system where all affiliate links are managed. This way your links are always up-to-date and correctly formatted, reducing the risk of broken links and lost sales.

Advanced analytics

Coupomated provides detailed analytics that shows how coupons are performing. This information allows affiliates to understand which offers are most attractive to their audience. It helps them to tailor their strategies and improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.


Managing expired coupons effectively is key to maintaining customer trust and maximizing earnings in affiliate marketing.

Coupomated offers a powerful solution, ensuring that coupons are always valid, up-to-date, and optimized for the highest returns. By using Coupomated, affiliates can streamline their operations, reduce manual work, and focus on strategic growth.

Sign up for a free trial today and try Coupomated to see its potential.