Digital Apps to Reward Users

User engagement by rewarding them seems to be the most effective & proven strategy for all digital apps. If you’re a company with a B2C app from any of the industries like fintech, fitness, healthcare, retail, technology, etc., and wish to improve user engagement and reward them, here is the solution.

Reward Users

As a digital app, the primary goal is to improve the returning users, reward users for various activities performed on the app. But at the same time, it should be really satisfying and real stuff leading the real engagement and reward. Offering online shopping promo codes has been one of the most effective ways. Unlock discount offers for various handpicked stores with open-source discount codes.

Live Examples Using The Affiliate Coupons


Vodafone Idea App

Listing of affiliate coupons & offers as Daily Deals, i.e. Vi Tuesday


Microsoft Messages

Listing of all promo offers sourced from fee



Offer cashback on top of the coupons and discount offers by third-party integration


Cred App

pay credit card bills, get rewarded and improve your credit score over time.

Key challenges are solved with automation by Coupomated

Category specific promo codes

Offer discount codes based on your choice of the categories by picking it from our wide collection of categories.

Curated discounts

Define the value for each discount code and unlock it as per certain tasks or guidelines to your users

Alternative monetization channel

Use affiliate links to monetize the redemption of the promo codes by your users

Automated, Easy, Powerful Affiliate Data Feed Service

How Coupomated helps the digital app platform solve the problem innovatively!


Improved user engagement

Now your users have more reasons to interact with your website, send them a notification with the latest offer addition.


Rewarding users

Value your users’ association by providing them an appropriate reward for their engagement on your digital platform.

 Digital Apps To Reward

Automated solution

You would like to stick to your business and still manage the user reward initiative with minimum possible involvement.

coupon data

Increased returning customers

It’s very important to have consistent returning customers to be able to grow faster and this is going to help achieve it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Coupomated provides generic coupons that are open source, these coupons are non-exclusive and unique. Still, you can use it to reward your users.

We provide the amount being saved at each coupon level, you may provide the coupons based not the saving value.

Yes, you can get coupons for a specific category as per your requirement.

Get 100% verified coupons to improve the business performance.