Coupon data feed and tools to automate your affiliate website/app.

Coupomated provides affiliate coupons and offers to automate content with the help of the affiliate coupon API for publishing on your website and mobile app. We also take the pain out of managing affiliate links with a fully automated feed. Get coupons and offers from hundreds of top merchants based in India.


What is Coupomated, How It Works and What are the use cases!

Solution for All Affiliate Marketing Stakeholders

Coupomated eases the affiliate business by providing robust solutions to
top merchants, affiliate networks, and publishers.

Affiliate Publishers



Increase the efficiency of your promo offers & discount coupons by reaching out to hundreds of industry-leading affiliate publishers.

Create exclusive coupons and manage existing offers & promo codes to improve the quality of content reaching the affiliate marketers.

Configure & promote your in-house affiliate program. Also, validate the campaign data with various affiliate networks.


Affiliate Networks

Works with affiliate publishers and advertisers to track conversions.

Coupomated works with all industry-leading affiliate networks. With affiliate coupon API integration, we provide an accurate inventory of live campaigns, automated deep links, and various other affiliate tools to affiliate publishers and e-commerce merchants.

Affiliate publishers can save their coupon feed API details to get all the approved campaign synced with their account, thus ensuring all links are always monetizable and working.

As an affiliate network, get wide visibility among industry-leading affiliate publishers and attract them to onboard your network.


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Frequently Asked Questions

– We provide affiliate coupons and offer data feeds from top online shopping stores. Coupomated has integrated with industry-leading affiliate networks and offers a Coupon API to automate the link-building process for your approved campaigns. With our Coupon feed API, you can easily retrieve and manage the latest coupons and offers from various merchants.

– We always ensure that all links provided through the coupon API are active by keeping the campaign status in sync with the network.

– By leveraging our Coupon feed API, you can streamline your affiliate marketing efforts and deliver up-to-date and relevant deals to your audience.

Coupomated helps you get the latest offers and coupons from hundreds of online shopping stores fully automatically through our Affiliate Coupon API. With our API, you can effortlessly access and integrate the most up-to-date coupons and offers into your platform or website without any manual intervention.

In addition to providing coupons, we also offer affiliate links from your partnered affiliate networks, allowing you to monetize every outgoing link. By leveraging our Coupon API, you can streamline the process of creating, updating, and expiring coupons, saving you valuable time and effort.

To ensure the reliability of your links, we enable you to set the priority of networks at each merchant. If a network pulls down a campaign, our system automatically routes the links through another available network, ensuring that your links are always working and monetized.

By efficiently solving these massive problems, Coupomated frees up your time to focus on essential tasks that matter to your business, such as promotion, marketing, and customer service.

With our Coupon code API, you can enhance your platform with the latest deals and offers, providing added value to your users and boosting your revenue potential.

Coupomated is an all-in-one solution for affiliates seeking clean, comprehensive, and reliable data. Our cutting-edge merchant management tools allow for easy monetization from the top affiliate networks. With ongoing offers tested daily, our feed ensures discounts that actually work.

And now, with our Coupon Code API, managing coupon codes is easier than ever. Our service is constantly evolving and expanding, ensuring the best tools, features, and data available. We are dedicated to providing the best service possible to our clients.

Yes, to monetize your links and maximize your potential earnings, we recommend joining an affiliate network. Our industry-leading partners make the process easy and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on content creation. To create an account, simply follow the steps provided, supplying the necessary details to ensure payment is received.

For even greater monetization success, be sure to apply our coupon code API. With just a click of a button, you can generate the results you need and take your content to the next level.

Join our affiliate networks and apply our coupon code API to become a success in your business venture.

A Coupon API is a tool that enables developers to integrate coupons into their applications and websites. It works by accessing a database of available coupons and offers and allowing developers to easily display them to their users.

The purpose of a Coupon API is to help businesses increase their sales and customer engagement by offering discounts and promotions.

Coupomated’s affiliate coupon feed provides an automated, real-time stream of curated deals and discounts from various retailers.

This saves you the time and resources needed to manually collate and update this data, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.