India’s Most Reliable & SEO Friendly Affiliate Coupon Data Feed API

Automate your coupon, cashback or affiliate website & app with Coupomated coupon data feed API. Easy to use tools helps you publish offers from hundreds of merchants and monetize links from 10+ affiliate networks fully automatically. Create unique & SEO friendly content with our state-of-art fragmentation module.

How the Coupomated data feed works.


Affiliate Publisher

Master Database

  1. Merchants are created based on either active affiliate program or popularity (even if they don’t have an active affiliate program, i.e. JioMart, Snapdeal, Paytm etc) and made available as an API to automatically create one-time or incrementally on your website/app.
  2. All merchants are categorized with standard categorization.
  3. We also have coupons & offer category masters as a coupon feed API so that you can create them on your website/app. Moreover, you can create a mapping for these categories to your already existing categorization and all offers will be tagged as per your own category master.

Offers & coupons aggregation

  1. We collect the data from multiple affiliate networks APIs, merchants offer pages, social media pages, newsletters to compile the latest offers & coupons.
  2. The Coupon data aggregation process is combination of manual & automation to maximise the reach and accuracy.

Content processing

  1. Not all sources provide the same set of information, our editors look into all collected offers and fill in the required fields to standardize the content.
  2. Each offer content is fragmented under logical & useful information such as discount, applicable on, minimum purchase amount, expiry date, user type, payment mode etc.
  3. Customer and plan specific content are created such that the offer title & description is unique, SEO friendly to ensure it’s not duplicate.

Manual verification & testing

  1. Our coupon editors verify each & every coupon as many promotional offers are without known expiry date. The non-working coupons are expired and removed from the coupon data feed.
  2. Every offer link is verified to ensure it reaches to a proper landing page without an error. All offers with any error in reaching out to merchants are removed from the coupon feed.

Affiliate Network Association


Enter your affiliate IDs & API keys from top networks. Coupomated automatically selects all merchants with approved campaigns and create affiliate links.

SEO Friendly Content Customization

  1. Now customize the content by defining your targeted keywords in the feed, i.e. our feed contains Flipkart coupon, but you’re targeting Flipkart Promo Code keywords, then add this keyword in the KW replacement table from feed panel and all the content will contain your entered keywords.
  2. Enterprise plan subscribers are empowered with fragmentation module to set the content template one-time to create unique, SEO friendly content with targeted keywords for all offers & coupons

Automated Merchants & Coupon Publishing

  1. Integrate using our API or install WordPress plugins on your website to create master data like stores, categories, tags, brands based on your subscription plan.
  2. Set the server side cron job to create, update & expire the coupons fully automatically. Our feed takes care to create incrementally added stores and coupons on your website.

Enhance The Outlook

coupon data feed API

Use our state-of-art affiliate tools to build custom affiliate links and promote on various platforms. There are other tools also to enable you perform the various operations easily.

Features that matter to every affiliate publishers


Fully automated operations

Create, update & expire coupons first time or incrementally fully automatically. Creating stores & categories automated too.


Massive yet accurate database

100% verified offers & coupons from hundreds of top merchants that are in demand from your customers.


SEO friendly & unique content

Every client gets unique offer content that is SEO friendly with detailed offer information on terms & conditions.


Merchant Sync from affiliate networks

Enter affiliate IDs to automatically select the merchant approved in your affiliate account.


Prioritize the monetization

Set the priority from all top affiliate networks to create affiliate links to ensure all links are always monetized.


Publisher tools

Rest API, deeplinks creation, custom sub IDs, link redirect tracing, merchant stats, WordPress plugins etc to ease your life.

What can you expect from the feed

Master data as an API

Stores, categories master data exposed as an API so that it can be created one-time or incrementally fully automatically.

Always up-to-date

Our editors data feed is error free, clean and always working offers & coupons. No more expired coupons or broken links to worry about!

Massive offer database

We provide thousands of coupons & offers data from hundreds of top merchants in demand by your customers with most accurate & working coupons.

Cashback compatible

Our datafeed is compatible with cashback website with custom sub ID as per your system requirement.

Multiple sub-ID support

Define as many sub IDs as affiliate network supports from within our dashboard to build the links with custom tracking parameters.

Merchant sync with network

Automatically select merchants based on the approved campaign by saving your affiliate network API key to get started quickly.

Incremental data feed

Get the data feed incrementally thus avoid refreshing the entire database. Now get the data expired, updated and newly added since last import.

SEO friendly content customization

Customize coupon title & description with your SEO targeted keywords easily to improve organic search engine ranking.

Customized feed fields

Get the data feed fields as per your system custom requirement to integrate it easily.

Master data mapping

If you already have created master data like stores & categories, enter the name or IDs in our system to create mapping and get the feed accordingly.

Automated deep links

Coupomated takes care to convert all links to affiliate links specific to your accounts ensuring no links goes unearned.

Automated link switching

In case of campaign is down from your selected network, Coupomated switch the links automatically from subsequent available network.

Affiliate Tools

Coupomated offers the frequently required affiliate tools right within the dashboard to provide a seamless experience.


Why Coupomated is Preferred Coupon Database Provider

Our unique value addition helps you gain an edge in the rapidly growing affiliate industry.


Maximize The Revenue Earning

Now promote maximum stores in demands from your users. Our system automatically replaces the links from subsequent network when campaign is down from your preferred network, which ensures all links are monetized.


Save Time For The Quality Work

Now spend the  quality time on the business development, leaving manual work of posting offers, creating links, validating coupons to the automation of the Coupomated. This helps you significantly improve the return on investment.


Known For Top Notch Support

Since 2015, Coupomated has sincerely served the Indian affiliate industry with the aim to simplify the affiliate marketing process for the startup to enterprise customers.


Sustainable Business Operations

With state-of-art technology & tools, auto-pilot your affiliate business to offer the best coupons & offers from hundreds of stores in demand from your customers. Which otherwise require massive manual and operational efforts to manage and maintain the business.


Improved Profitability

Our services are highly judicious and cost effective such that, the expenses are lowered to maintain the overall business, thus improves the profitability. Moreover, 100% commission earned from your links is owned by you.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

Our unique SEO friendly content helps your website rank at the top of the organic search results. Moreover, offer the latest & verified coupons from hundreds of stores to increase the returning customer.

Coupon Feed Subscription Plan


₹ 3,499




Affiliate Networks


API Calls / Day



₹ 7,999




Affiliate Networks


API Calls / Day



₹ 15,999




Affiliate Networks


API Calls / Day



₹ 27,999




Affiliate Networks


API Calls / Day



Merchant Directory

Coupomated offers the coupons & deals from hundreds of top stores based on their popularity, affiliate association and demand from shopper users.


Affiliate Networks

Monetize your links from industry leading affiliate networks, automatically select the merchants by syncing the approved campaigns.


Easy Integrations

Our Affiliate data feed can be integrated with WordPress or any other custom platform. We’ve plugins to support all top theme integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

A typical coupon website doesn’t need the images at the offer level, therefore, offer images are not included. However, we include the merchant website offer landing page screenshots.

Yes, we’ve standardized the categories and every coupon and offer is appropriately tagged to categories.

It keeps fluctuating on a seasonal basis, however, we’ve about ~6000 offers & coupons from 500+ merchants

Yes, we provide high-quality merchant logos on all paid plan subscriptions.

Yes, Coupomated provides unique content to every customer such that there’s no SEO impact due to duplicate content.

Moreover, with the premium plan, you can customize the content as per your targeted SEO keywords to align your marketing strategy and improve the organic SEO ranking.

Yes, deep links are created using your affiliate IDs, therefore all earnings will be yours. When you create an account with us, you need to enter affiliate IDs from the affiliate networks and our system creates the affiliate deep links accordingly.

To get started, visit Coupomated and sign up for a Coupomated affiliate account. Once you have your API credentials, refer to the provided documentation to seamlessly integrate the API into your website or application.

  1. Click here to signup for a free trial
    a) During signup, pick the plan that you would like to use as the API response and data fields varies plan to plan.
  2. After signup, add your affiliate network relationship in the panel to get the links with your own affiliate IDs.
  3. Configure the import on your website/app based on the tech stack.
  4. Set the cron job for regular updates.
  5. Sit back and relax as the Coupomated Connect will do the magic of creating, updating, and expiring the coupons fully automatically.

Feel free to contact our team for any issues or help required.

Using affiliate data feed can help you to:

  • – Increase your traffic and conversions by offering a wide range of brands and merchants to your users.
  • – Save time and resources by automating the process of updating the product or service information.
  • – Enhance your SEO and user experience by providing fresh and accurate content.
  • – Boost your earnings by joining multiple affiliate programs and campaigns promoting different products or services.

Get 100% verified coupons to improve the business performance.