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Auto-pilot your affiliate coupon cashback portal with Coupomated.

Integrate Coupomated coupon API to automatically create stores, coupons & offers with affiliate deep links from your partner affiliate networks.

Your business challenges are well understood!

As an affiliate coupon or cashback portal, it’s important to offer all the latest promo codes and offers to your users. Moreover, you need to keep listing all the latest merchants on your website by referring to all your associated networks. The major issue is with campaigns frequently going down leading to the non-working affiliate links. All these problems are efficiently solved by a robust affiliate Coupomated coupon feed API solution.

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India Free Stuff




Offer Melon


Great Buyz

Key challenges are solved with automation by Coupomated.

First to list merchants with affiliate program

We add merchants in our database as soon as an affiliate program is available from any network. This helps you start promoting new merchants quickly.

Massive coupons & offers listing

We take all the required efforts to provide you all the live coupons & offers from across the sources for every merchant.

Listing of coupons by categories

Offer various data filters to your user to drill-down to a required coupon by a specific payment mode, user type, tags, brands etc.

SEO compatible & high quality content

Every offer content is unique and re-written carefully so that to provide the unique content. Moreover, you can customize content with your target keywords.

Always working links

With API integration, we keep all your network campaign relationship status in sync to provide always working affiliate links.

Cashback trackable links

Just configure the sub ID once in dashboard and always get the links with custom tracking sub IDs to enable user tracking to pass-on the cashback.

Automated network switching

When a network pulls down the campaign leading to non-working links, Coupomated smartly solves this by switching links from the next available network.

Multiple tools to ease life

As an affiliate marketer, all the essential tools are coupled and made available within intuitive dashboard to ease the pain out business.

Automated, Easy, Powerful Affiliate Data Feed Service

How Coupomated helps the coupons & cashback businesses differentiate and thrive!


Invest more time on quality tasks

One of the key factors for most business success is right prioritization. Since the data is blood for any affiliate business and that’s well taken care of, you can now focus more on quality tasks like business development.


Never lose a commission

Coupomated deep links all the outgoing links via your partner networks to make sure no sales go without affiliate commission. Moreover, we deeplink all network-specific coupons using respective networks thus making sure to earn commission on every transaction possible.

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Zero manual effort

Coupomated takes care to create stores with store logo, coupon categories, store categories, coupons, offers not just one-time as master but also recurringly as and when there’s a new addition. Thus, saves all manual efforts from maintaining all this information, which is not only time & effort seeking, but prone to have errors.


Higher customer satisfaction

Customer is really a king in today’s competitive world. Your customers are happy with all the latest and working offers from hundreds of the stores, this helps you get more returning customers


Reduce operation cost

The survival duration of the business depends on the cost of spending. In our aim to help you sustain the business longer, we help you cut the cost on multiple fronts by outsourcing all the high-quality works from the fully automated system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can define the sub ID in an affiliate relationship section in our dashboard and all the links created for your feed will have the sub ID as per your configurations.

No, we do not charge any commission on any sale.

No, Coupomated doesn’t provide the product data feed.

You can use our merchant sync to directly add all your approved campaigns, and specific merchants. Alternatively, you can pick them up manually.

Yes, we identify the network-specific coupons and if you’ve associated with that network, the links are created from the coupon affiliate networks through all other links for that merchant may be from your preferred network.

Coupomated’s Multi-Network Deeplink Tool can create specific, targeted links for multiple coupon affiliate networks. This tool simplifies the process of managing different networks, as it can automatically generate the correct type of link based on the network and the target page.

Using an affiliate deeplink provider, like Coupomated, allows you to create specific URLs that direct customers to exact product pages rather than generic home or category pages. This improves user experience, increases conversion rates, and helps you track the effectiveness of your campaigns more precisely.

Coupomated’s cashback portal allows you to offer cashback rewards to your customers when they make a purchase through your affiliate links. This incentivizes users to shop through your platform, potentially increasing your affiliate revenue.

The cashback system also acts as a powerful tool for customer acquisition. The prospect of earning money while shopping is a compelling draw for many potential customers, providing you with a competitive edge in the densely populated e-commerce landscape. Cashback programs can make the shopping experience more enjoyable for your customers. It adds an element of excitement and reward, which can enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Cashback programs are essentially a type of loyalty program. They reward customers for their purchases, encouraging them to become repeat customers. This customer retention strategy not only boosts sales but also fosters a sense of community among your customers. The cashback portal is an excellent tool for acquiring new customers. The allure of getting money back while shopping attracts numerous potential customers to your affiliate platform, creating a solid customer base and helping your platform stand out amidst the fierce competition.

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