Coupomated is a product of SmartPlus Infotech LLP – a disruptive start-up in e-commerce service segment. Our vision is to build a robust coupon datafeed solution, at an affordable price, for affiliate marketers of all sizes. Having built and managed numerous coupon, deals & price comparison websites ourselves, since 2010; we know exactly what it takes to create the high-quality couponing website.

We love the challenge of simplifying complex technologies, intricate markets and big sets of data so that they are accessible to business and individuals.

We aim to simplify the monetization process for affiliates/publishers so that they can turn their passion into meaningful income.

What We Do

Coupomated specializes in aggregating affiliate content and making it available to affiliates and bloggers through a series of services and tools at an affordable cost.

Who We Serve

Our clients come in many shapes and sizes, from large multi-million dollar publishers with household names to your next-door-neighbor who is publishing her latest blog post that will spread across the web while she puts the kids down for their afternoon naps.

Why Our Clients Stick with Us

All of our clients rely on us to provide links that work, promotions that are what they say they are, and content that makes sense. They want to feel confident that when they distribute the content we’ve processed to millions of eyeballs around the world each day – it’s going to work “just right”. We are acutely aware of this fact, and use it to fuel our focus on quality.

About Team

Who we are

We’re a diverse group, hailing from myriad cultures and educational backgrounds, to mention, there are software and mechanical engineers and a doctor among others. Our experience ranges from just a deal hunters as newbie to working with giant corporates. But together we’re a cohesive team striving to make SmartPlus most disruptive startup in e-commerce segment.

We got lucky. We worked really hard to be lucky though. Before we came together, we all had worked with top notch corporate and in key roles. And the very same of hard work is reflecting here in shaping SmartPlus.

Our speciality in understanding complex problems, converting into a simple product which offers effective solutions is helping us being disruptive. Our energy level on idea generation works like mobile battery in charging. We leave office at even higher level of energy.

We strongly believe that, it'??s better to do a few things well than many things poorly. We focus on the things that actually matter. We care deeply about the polish of our work and take pride in perfecting the details.

Like any other startup, we have no robots, but all multi-taskmasters, working cross functional from coding a complex algorithm to replying our well-wishers on social media handles. We usually work independently handling each function. But when any of us is at low, we are a team.

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