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Start your own Coupon Website business in India

A coupon website is a platform which gives you huge discount in your purchasing. Running a coupon site involves listing coupon and sales. Money is earned in this business by the paid advertisements and the commissions.

Discount coupons, anyone who is into online shopping or is a frequent shopper on e-commerce websites will be familiar with this term. Who doesn’t love to get attractive deals and discounts on his/her purchase? A lot of online shopping sites provide discount coupons, but they are not easily visible or available. How nice would it be, if you can get coupons and deals of every website at one place? Coupon Websites are the one stop destination for online customers to get multiple discount offers on various websites. 

Coupomated helps you in making fully functional couponing website from scratch at an incredibly affordable price.

Advantages of a Coupon Website in India:

It is a great way to earn extra income, and best for those who loves to shop. It doesn’t cost much to set up and promoting it by social networking and online marketing makes it easier.

Coupon websites are a great medium for customers to avail amazing deals and discounts on the products they like to purchase online. It is really easy to set up a coupon website especially on wordpress. It is cost effective and attractive at the same time. 

Business model of creating affordable coupon website

  • Simplest way to become e-entrepreneur and start earning smartly.
  • Not heavy on content so if you don't like writing blog posts or copy then this is a good model.
  • Provides value to the end user in the form of discount codes so they will be happy.
  • Numerous online retailers and niches this model can be applied to.
Low initial investment

Low initial investment

Developing a coupon website on wordpress involves less initial investment as compared to another portals. You can pick from a number of available themes and customize them with ease.

Highly scalable

Highly scalable

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry so there's a lot of room and money in the space that you can tap into.

Quick returns

Quick returns

Since a lot of online customers in India love discounts, the chances of them redeeming coupons and deals are always good. So be assured of quick returns and benefits on your website.

High Return on Investment

High Return on Investment

Affiliate marketing websites are known to generate high ROI. Most well established e-commerce brands are associated with affiliate marketing. They trust coupon websites because it can attract maximum traffic and nearly guaranteed sales.

How Coupomated helps you in online coupon building

Coupomated is the place which caters all your need to build a great and professional looking Coupon website. Give our coupon website development service a try and we assure you won’t be disappointed.

Why should you choose Coupomated for coupon site making

India's only fully integrated end-to-end solution provider for affiliate marketing, coupon website building and related services

Subscription plans at Incredibly affordable pricing for coupon feed

Our subscription plans are really affordable and will serve you with the best quality as per your subscribed package. 

Coupilliate - The In-house affiliate marketing network 

Coupilliate affiliate network is our in-house program that uses our relationship with various networks and in-turn gives you ability to monetize all your links without any direct relationship with those networks.  We have partnered with 250+ merchants to offer you commission on conversion.

Rich experience of decade in affiliate marketing and development

You may think to start your own coupon website bing part time as we takes care of all activities on-the-go regularly with various subscription plans


One-stop solution for building coupon website

One-stop solution for building coupon website

From buying a hosting, domain to picking best theme, configuring various plugins, add security layers, SEO & webmaster setup etc is offered at one stop. So, just decide the scope and place an order to be at peace

Automate complete coupon website operation

Automate complete coupon website operation

Coupomated developed plugins for seamless integration of your couponing website with our Coupon API which make the full website operation automatic. This includes, creating new coupons, updating existing coupons, automatic deep linking, sale tracking, click through rate tracking etc. among many.

Grow your market share by Digital Marketing

Grow your market share by Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is key to success of any digital product. We help you grow as succssful digital marketers by sharing great tips & inputs that help you rank on SEO. Also, we have monthly packages to offer for digital marketing service.

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