Professional Cashback Website Development on WordPress

Professional Cashback Website Development on WordPress

  •  Highly Optimised for overall performance
  •  The clean & sorted user interface
  •  Elegantly displays cashback amount at store & coupon level
  •  A lot of navigation filters for different subcategories, payments modes ,brands, city and locations etc.
  •  Clear listing of all available storefronts & categories on distinguish pages.
  •  So many different pages appearing top trending offers, DODs, today’s latest coupons etc.
  •  Top performing offers on the banner
  •  High standard of on-page SEO
  •  Elegantly designed intermediate page
  •  Rate coupons effectively by 5-stars to divide top performing coupons.



PHP Based Cashback Engine Member Dashboard

PHP Based Cashback Engine Member Dashboard

  • Neat & clean UI with smooth user flow
  • Verification of users by email
  • Details of all clicks & transactions
  • Payout request by attractive Gift Vouchers, amazing Wallet Transfer & Easygoing Bank Transfer
  • Missing cashback ticketing system
  • Help on all pages
  • Tips for all information as widget
  • Fully functional, easy to use Refer & Earn
  • FAQs & Contact us within member dashboard
  • Notification & alert in dashboard & email
Click on Login button available at right-topmost corner to see the member dashboard.
User Name:
Pass: Passw0rd


Admin Panel for Cashback Script PHP

Admin Panel for Cashback Script PHP

  • Framework: PHP CodeIgniter
  • Define cashback structure at the merchant level
  • Control commission to be paid to users at global & merchant level
  • Tightly integrated with top affiliate networks
  • Manage member specific cashback, tickets, referral, redemption & login logs
  • Export reports in CSV for cashback
  • Process payout request easily
  • Logs for API cron, member logins, Click history, sale report, missing cashback etc.
  • Control referral amount & criteria
  • Manage cashback as reward point & hard cash separately
  • Shoot global notification for easy reach to users
User Name:
Pass: admin

Features of Cashback Script

Tightly Integrated APIs from Top Affiliate Programs

Coupomated developed cashback script captures all outgoing clicks. It is tightly connected using RestAPI with all leading affiliate networks & merchants viz;

1. Flipkart Direct  2. Snapdeal Direct   3. eBay Direct   4. Admitad    5. Optimise Media Group   6. vComission   7. ConversionX   8. ClickOnik   9. iCubesWire

This API level integration helps tracking cashback to awarding to users fully automatically, without any manual intervention. thus, reduce manual work and error.

Tightly Integrated APIs from Top Affiliate Programs
Automated Clicks to Cashback Status Confirmation

Automated Clicks to Cashback Status Confirmation

Tracking of cashback to converting status from tracked to verified, verified to confirmed, confirmed to payable and finally payout is being taken care automatically.

This is indeed great, not many cashback websites are able to perform automatically.


Highly customizable and scalable

With the growth of your business, you require to continuously keep your website up-to-date with required changes. Our websites come up with 100% source codes so that, you can perform customization of your choice easily.

This also helps in achieving scalability.

Highly customizable and scalable
Tracking by Multiple Extra Parameters

Tracking by Multiple Extra Parameters

Coupomated cashback script uses five extra parameters with every outgoing links. It’s very easy to create smart affiliate links. And entire process of creating smart affiliate links is automated with Coupomated coupon API for hundreds of merchants.


Powerful Refer & Earn Module

It is cookie based refer & earn module which can be promoted via social media pages, email, SMS etc. 

Also, users required to fulfill three conditions before withdrawing cashback and referral earning;

1. Must have verified mobile number via OTP

2. Must have placed order worth N amount via your cashback website

3. Must have accumulated Rs. N as cashback balance (which can be set by admin)

Powerful Refer & Earn Module
Automated Alerts on Email to Users

Automated Alerts on Email to Users

It's very important to keep your users updated on the status of their cashback transactions.

This website enables triggering automated email alerts as and when the transaction is captured or status is changed.

There's also functionality to send bulk emails and bulk SMSes to your registered users from within Admin panel.


Fraud Users Detection

This system keeps all fraudsters & spammers at bay. There is a module to detect fraud users logging from the same IP with multiple user IDs. Moreover, mobile verification by OTP prevents this kind of users significantly. Also, for every signup, mobile verification is mandatory, unless it's from social login.

Fraud Users Detection
Cashback & Reward

Cashback & Reward

A few merchants doesn't allow cashabck.  Therefore, there's already a function built-in to separate the cashback and reward. At each merchant level, you can decide the type of cashback. Based on the selection, the cashback can be withdrawable in bank account whereas reward as either gift vouchers or wallet balance.


Ticketing System for Missing Cashback

There's fully comprehensive missing cashback ticketing system. It first identifies all clicks made by the user and shows in drop-down those clicks. Based on that, the user will be able to create missing cashback ticket. In Admin panel, you can export all these tickets in one click and share with a respective affiliate network to verify.

Ticketing System for Missing Cashback

Add-on Services on Coupon Cashback Website Development

Android App Development
Rs. 67000

Android App Development

Now power your cashback website with high-end native Android App.

iOS + Android App Development
Rs. 90000

iOS + Android App Development

Now power your cashback website with high-end native Android & iOS App.

UI / UX Customization
Rs. 5000

UI / UX Customization

We offer customization service for UI/UX/functionality. Write to us for your customization requirement, so that we can study and confirm on timeline & cost impact.

Paytm Auto Transfer
Rs. 12500

Paytm Auto Transfer

Now, automated cashback transfer to paytm wallet by Paytm Gratification API integration.

Paypal Auto Transfer
Rs. 9500

Paypal Auto Transfer

Now, automated cashback transfer to PayPal account by Paypal API integration.

Affiliate Program API Integration
Rs. 6200

Affiliate Program API Integration

Get your choice of affiliate program API integrated with cashback website to automate cashback tracking.

FAQ on Cashback Website Development

The main difference is, coupon website offers only coupon codes to avail discount, whereas cashback website offers cashback on top of discount coupon. Due to extra cashback factor, you have acquired another loyal customer who’d repeatedly visit your portal for their online shopping.

As per independent analysis, there are mainly five reasons why cashback website is better choice.

  • Cashback is $84 billion industry
  • Cashback website annular revenues is $4.5 million
  • People prefers to place order via cashback website for high values orders
  • Cashback website helps to get repeat customers and improve loyalty
  • It creates win-win situation for all involved stack holders
  • Front-end website
  • Member dashboard
  • Admin panel
  • Basic content & FAQs
  • Integration with top 7 affiliate network (API keys to be provided by clients)
  • If bundled with Coupon API than, Merchant meta data viz. name, URLs, logo and category name
  • Configuration and deployment
  • Website logo
  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting (preferably DigitalOcean VPS with $5/Mo plan)
  • Registration with various affiliate networks
  • API Keys from affiliate networks
  • Networks & Merchant specific cashback structure
  • Merchant specific content to be published on your coupon website to help in SEO ranking organically
  • Generic content for website FAQs, Privacy Policy, About us etc.

Our cashback script has 95% automated tasks, the routine tasks left are

  1. Monitoring of coupon creation
  2. Monitoring click, sale tracking & API call completion
  3. Answer to your member’s queries, if any.
  4. Apprise affiliate network about missing cashback claims
  5. Process payout request by GV, wallet balance or bank transfer

Therefore, a good 30 minutes every day is sufficient for all these tasks. Of course what is not considered here is marketing of your product.

Absolutely yes, you can set % commission you want to pass on to your customer at website level and also at merchant level.

Aha! Million dollar question! Looking at recent client’s progress, you can reach break-even within 3 months and profitable within 6 months with robust marketing plan in place. This duration is tentative and may vary client-to-client and strategy of your marketing.

Please share your choice of WordPress theme and we would study the integration possibility. Generally, our cashback script is built such a way that it can be integrated with any WordPress theme.

Fully automated operations

Seamlessly connects with Coupomated Coupon API for end-to-end automated solution. Right from creating, updating, expiring coupons to rewarding cashback to users is done fully automatically! Now, you know why it’s unique from all other cashback websites.

Integrated with all leading affiliate networks

Our cashback web app is integrated with all leading affiliate networks such as Optimise, Payoom, VCommission, iCubesWire, eBay Direct, Flipkart Direct, Snapdeal Direct etc.

This helps you offer highest cashback to your clients and improved bottom-line for your business.

Fully functional amazing features to attract more visitors

There are many outstanding options to offer great user experience visiting your website

  • Refer & earn system
  • Record of each & every clicks made by your users
  • Payout withdrawal by gift vouchers, wallet transfer and bank transfer
  • Very user friendly dashboard to view & track cashback by members
  • Easy social share to make most out of referral functionality
  • FAQ and important information on every page
  • Comprehensive coupons & offers from hundreds of merchants

There is nothing less than those leading coupon cashback website, except branding! This too can be developed over persistent marketing efforts.

Our cashback script has 95% automated tasks, the routine tasks left are

  1. Monitoring of coupon creation
  2. Monitoring click, sale tracking & API call completion
  3. Answer to your member’s queries, if any.
  4. Apprise affiliate network about missing cashback claims
  5. Process payout request by GV, wallet balance or bank transfer

Of course yes! The cashback script is fully compatible with Coupomated Coupon API.

No, coupon API is separate service you need to subscribe. Standard & Professional coupon API plans are compatible to cashback website. Choose any of these plans and subscribe to automate create, update & expire all coupons from hundreds of merchants fully automatically.

However, integration with Coupomated Coupon API is complementary with the cashback website development bundle.

Yes, you can still own cashback website without knowing any script or coding, just purchase our complete coupon cashback bundle and you can be owner! There’s hardly anything to be done at code level on the go. 

There are some merchants doesn’t allow to pass-on cashback to clients in any way, like Amazon. There is no way out. However, you can still promote their discount coupons & offers and keep 100% commission earned.

Another type of merchants doesn’t allow hard cash to be passed on, but are fine to pass-on the amount as reward point. Our cashback script has already feature to reward your users as reward points and those can’t be redeemed for bank transfer, but redeemed for Gift Voucher and Wallet transfer.



Demo Links




User Dashboard:


Login User Name:

Password: Passw0rd


Admin Panel:


Login User Name:

Password: admin

Front End

  • Platform: WordPress
  • Search type: Ajax
  • Search results: Coupons, Stores, Categories
  • Post: Coupon & Offers
  • User registration: Yes
  • Store filters: Yes
  • Categories filters: Yes
  • Coupon feed compatible: Yes
  • Coupon API plan compatibility: Standard/Pro
  • Ability to post coupons manually: Yes
  • Blog section: Yes
  • Social signup/login: Yes
  • Sliders on the homepage: Yes
  • Newsletter subscription: Yes
  • Extra pages: How It Works, Referral, FAQ, Contact

More Front-end options: 


UI customization service available at additional cost.

Back End

  • CMS Backend: WordPress
  • Cashback Backend: CodeIgniter - PHP
  • Affiliate Network API: Yes
  • No. of Affiliate Networks: 9
  • Conditions for referral confirmation: Yes
  • Type of cashback: Reward | Bank Cashback
  • Analytics: Yes
  • Fraud user detection: Yes
  • Performance Reports: Yes
  • User verification: Email/SMS


  • Platform: CodeIgniter
  • Login: Native WordPress | Social Login
  • Integration: Seamless & loaded as an iFrame
  • Click Tracking & Reporting: Yes
  • Missing Cashback: Yes
  • Refer & Earn: Yes
  • User verification by SMS: Yes
  • Cashback Withdrawal: Bank | GV | Wallet
  • Mode of Referral: Email | WA | FB | Google
  • Notification: Yes