Coupon & Deal Website Business Model

Coupon & Deal Website Business Model

Coupon websites lists discount codes from e-commerce websites.  These discount coupon codes can be used when buying products and services online, everything from household goods to technology to flights to web hosting and beyond.

Affiliate coupon websites operate on a pay-per-sale model where commissions are only paid out after a sale is made on e-commerce website.

70% of online shoppers use coupons totaling 96.8 million people in 2013 (Source).

90% of coupon traffic is BUYING traffic as people tend to only search for coupons just before the make a purchase or when on the checkout and they see the 'discount' or 'coupon' code box.

When a potential customer gets to the checkout page of an e-commerce site and sees a "Enter your promo code here" field, then he / she performs a Google search for a promo code before placing the order. The coupon affiliate's site shows up in Google and provides a coupon code to redeem at merchant site. Therefore, the affiliate gets almost 90% of BUYING traffic which is significant!

Start Coupon Website & Earn Money Online

"How easy is it to save extra 15% or get freebies when you buy something online? Just head over to google, type in your favourite shopping site and the word “coupon”. It happens millions of times daily.

The only thing better than getting some discount coupons, is to actually have and run one of these big coupon sites.

For nearly every person that visits coupon website, grabs the code and clicks through to online shopping, they are generating a commission - an opprotunity for you to make money!"


Launch Your Startup with Coupons & Deals Site

Coupomated undertake development for professional looking, fully functional affiliate coupon website at an incredibly affordable price.

As you can see many of these online coupon businesses are pretty dreadful looking, badly designed and unorganized – a smart marketer like yourself could clean up in something more niche.

Having developed numerous affiliate products, we know what exactly takes to develop a professional looking, highly optimized and secured website, keeping affordable pricing.

We have various website development plan suitable to your budget. Contact us for your preferred type of website development and we would ensure to quote best possible price for your requirement.

Start your e-entrepreneurial journey with affiliate coupon website today!


WordPress Coupon Themes

Developed on couponer base theme to optimise the page load, bug fixes and improved SEO compatibility.

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Coupomated Standard

Hihgly customized with advance category, tags and user type filters. Optimized for page speed and security 

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Couponer Pro

Used Coupon WP to enahnce the theme funtionalities with filters for sub categories, users, payment mode, gender.

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WPCoupon Pro

Coupon WordPress Theme is a beautiful and professional theme built from the ground up for the coupon business.

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Coupon MTS

couponPHP is feature rich powerful and beautifully designed. It's custom developed CMS especially for affiliate coupons & deals website.

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Kupon is daily deal website theme like Groupon. It's built with elegant layout. It's WooCommerce already integrated to enable online selling.

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This coupon business theme transforms WordPress into a fully functional, search engine friendly coupon code website.

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Comre is a Wordpress theme to create a website for coupons and promotion codes. The shop is built with Woocommerce the popular and flexible plugin in eCommerce.

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CouponXL is the most complete deals, discounts and coupons Wordpress theme. It is specialized for selling deals, discounts and coupons online.

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Coupon XL

Customized by coupomated using CouponHut as base theme for dynamic content, page speed optimization and SEO compatibility. 

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CPD CouponHut

This is one of the most complete & elegantly designed WordPress themes for deals and coupons websites.

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Coupon XxL

One of the firsts coupon themes, now look almost out-date when it comes to UI. It's very strong backend and payment gateway already integrated.

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Nice looking with fully dynamic coupon website right out of the box. Get additional 20% discount using exclsuive promo code: COUPOMATED20

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WP Coupon

ReWise is one the complete affiliate WordPress themes. It's best suitable for coupon, cashback, price comparison - All-in-one website.

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YourCoupon WP Theme ideal for coupon sites, coupon codes, coupon directories, discount published sites, daily deal and similar sites.

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Built On Bootstrap For Wordpress. Fully Responsive also available in combination with Andoird App. Use exclusive discount code "COUPOMATED35"to get additional 35% OFF.

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Coupomated is a product of SmartPlus Infotech LLP – a disruptive start-up in e-commerce service segment. Our vision is to build a robust eco system around online shopping industry for affiliate marketers of all sizes. 
Having built and managed numerous affiliate website, we know exactly what it takes to develop a great affiliate product.

We offer end-to-end solution for website development of coupon, deals, cashback, comparison and discovery shopping. Our technical strength is in WordPress, PHP, HTML, Bootstrap, JavaScript. Our developed websites are highly optimized for page-speed, performance & highly secure.

We also offer complementary to web development services like customization service, VPS setup, security setup, SEO setup, google webmaster & analytics setup.


World's only fully automated coupon API to provide coupon data in tabular form in fragments.

Coupomated is India's most popular coupon data feed with over 50 integrations. Coupon API automates data publishing and content management for coupon & cashback websites. All outgoing URLs are deeplinked with your choice of affiliate networks to monetize 100% conversions.

Our API plans are so fluid that it can be consumed by students, startups, enterprises, industry leading blogs and large scale news websites.


Having 10+ years of man experience from founders team we by default have expertise in what we offer to affiliates.

If you're high traffic website or blog and looking at highly efficient ways of traffic monetization, we can help you!

Expose the offers & deals  intuitively as widget to your users and earn massively. Our case study tells that it's 3 times more rewarding than google adsense.

If you're looking to reward your users, integrate our Reward Feed and dynamically offer reward coupons to your users on completion of certain actions.


For us what matters the most is your performance. We recognize your business growth is linked to our growth!

Associate with us and expose your coupons & offers to multiple industry leading publishers. Thus, get enhanced conversions and improve overall performance.

We ensures high quality traffic with focused returns for all our merchant partners.

About Us

We’re a diverse group, hailing from myriad cultures and educational backgrounds. Our experience ranges from just a deal hunters as newbie to working with giant corporates. But together we’re a cohesive team striving to make the SmartPlus most disruptive startup in e-commerce segment.

We offer end-to-end solutions related to affiliate industry!

Coupon Website Development

Low initial investment

Developing a coupon website on WordPress requires less initial investment as compared to another portals. You can pick from a number of available themes and customize them with ease.

Highly scalable

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry so there's a lot of potential and money in the space that everyone can tap into, with little differentiation.

Quick returns

Everyone loves discounts on their shopping. The chances of them redeeming coupons and deals are always good. So be assured of quick returns and benefits on your website.

High Return on Investment

Affiliate marketing websites are known to generate high ROI. Most well established e-commerce websites trust coupon industry because it attracts maximum traffic and nearly guaranteed sales.

  • Simply by giving the customer a genuine discount offer / coupon on a product or service they are about to buy online.
  • Your audience loves you if you save them money.
  • As Nader has said before, it's important to be able to solve your audience's problems or you'll have problems growing your business.
  • That's why it's essential to always include the best deal for them even if the best deal for your customer isn't the one that pays you the most commission.
  • They will repay you by using your site EVERY time they plan to shop so think long term for your online coupon business.
  • On top of just discounts you need to provide value by giving them additional information and interaction.
  • Allowing them to rate deals, leave comments, post their own deals, get involved with the community through forum and so on.
  • Don't forget to build an email list as this will help bring in repeat traffic.
  • Send out daily deals, blog content, email exclusives, news about the niche to keep people opening your mails.

In most of the cases, coupon website works on a CPS (cost per sale) model. E-commerce website pays commission for every successful sale generated from an affiliate coupon website.

The mechanism of tracking sale is fully automated. When any user clicks on outgoing URLs (i.e. Get Coupon button etc.), the coupon code automatically pops up in new tab with the retailer setting the cookie in the browser. The cookie tracks and records customer order and attribute automatically to the coupon website.

The number of page views or clicks along with sale is published in the dashboard provided by affiliate network or merchant website.

Role of Affiliate Network:

In many cases, e-commerce websites have tied up with affiliate networks to take care of tracking and converting URLs to affiliate links and deal with advertiser affiliate coupon website. Thus, having an account with one affiliate network can expose you to multiple merchant’s affiliate program. 

Since we started working with Coupomated we observed an outstanding growth and improvement of our company. The system is operating very smooth, and in case of any difficulty Coupomated Support Team provides us with a prompt and professional support. An incredibly affordable pricing is also a huge plus - it allows us to operate with way larger volumes without wasting much money.

- Ashok Kumar

We were one of the first Coupomated clients for entire affiliate business solution. We tried a lot of different platforms and services but made a decision to proceed with Coupomated and give it a try to find out how Coupomated could help us to establish our business. Now I see that it was one of the best decisions we’ve made in 2016. Due to full customization and sustained communication with Coupomated Team we have grown really fast. What I really love in Coupomated is dedicated tech. experts ready to provide all the support we need.

- Suresh Krishnat

Coupomated is an integral part of our affiliate marketing journey. We see it as a critical part of our business technology stack and and fully rely on Coupomated Coupon API. The massive coupon content and great support from their team helped us to achieve our goals with great success. We look forward to a long and successful cooperation with Coupomated.

- Juned Khan

Coupomated is not only the platform that helps us to increase our business, but Coupomated is also a team of professionals who possess in-depth business / domain knowledge about affiliate as a whole industry. They’re there each time we need it. Their unique solutions allow us to save our time for more and bigger achievements.

- Mark Fichtner