Advantages of being Referrer

Advantages of being Referrer

Guaranteed payout
We strive for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Generous rewards

As a Referral Partner, you’ll earn a commission for every user who subscribe to Coupomated Coupon API. With each standard referral you can earn flat Rs. 1,000/- and Rs. 1,500/- for professional plan.

Convenient withdrawal
Claim your reward through online payment mode (payments released once your account crosses the Rs. 3,000/- threshold).

Stay in control
Get detailed reports that show general information about referral status and your earning.

Quick start
No experience or financial investment required, and no entry fees apply.

High-quality support
Our support team will answer any of your queries by email or online chat.

Register for referral program and start earning the cash!.

How it works

  • Submit details as referrer and get instant approval.
  • Check email containing your referral link and other details.
  • Start sharing your referral links thru social media, emails or any other communication medium.
  • Track your referral performance anytime on your referral dashboard. (Link shared in email)
  • Successful subscription is considered when a user subscribes for any paid plan.
  • There is NO maximum limit to number of referrals. SO, go ON and make most of it.

Terms & Condition:

  • This referral promotion is for limited time and maybe withdrawn at any time with or without information.
  • Payments accrued from referral will be released only after 30 days of referral subscription.
  • Cumulative payments for all referrals will be released once every month.
  • Any violation of terms or abuse of referral system will disqualify from all accrued earning at the discretion of Coupomated management.
  • In case of any dispute, decision by Coupomated management will be final and abided by user.