General Questions

Coupomated specializes in aggregating affiliate content and making it available to couponing websites, affiliates & bloggers at an affordable cost.

We provide coupon datafeed that can be integrated virtually on any platform / theme including wordpress. By integration of Coupomated coupon datafeed, all coupon content on your website is updated/created automatically, so that you can spend more time on business development leaving content work to us.

We aim to simplify the monetization process for affiliates/publishers so that they can turn their passion into meaningful income.

We collect coupon data from dozens of sources including affiliate network APIs, merchants, email newsletters, social media, advertisements and so on. Each coupon is subjected to a full round of testing, verification and categorization using automated processes and good, old fashioned manual labor.

When you join Coupomated, you give us your affiliate network IDs. The links we provide to you contain your own affiliate IDs, so sales that are generated result in commissions that are paid directly to you by the affiliate network.

If you would like to promote coupons but have not joined any network, still you can do by using our in-house affiliate program, Coupilliate Affiliate Network.

Coupomated is not just a coupon datafeed! We are an all-purpose content, data and merchant management solution for smart affiliates. We take the hassle out of being an affiliate by providing clean, comprehensive, and reliable data, providing cutting edge merchant management tools, and allowing you to easily monetize even when you have not joined any network by using in-house Coupilliate Affiliate Network.

Ongoing offers are tested every day to ensure our feed contains discounts that work. Our service is constantly evolving to include more tools, more feautures, and more data. Our sole focus is the service we provide to you.

There are multiple reason why coupomated should be your service proivder for coupon feed.

In regard to coupons and promotions, we have an advanced system for sourcing coupons, deals, offers, and other promotions from the networks we work with. Our team of experienced data engineers review the offers, standardize the labels, checks each offer to make sure it is valid, tests the links and landing pages and makes corrections when necessary. All our coupons are neatly categorized under comprehansive 84 categories.

We also have automated crawling that pull deals off merchant pages and build your account specific affiliate links. This is especially quite an exscluive for merchants that doesn’t send out many affiliate promotions.

In regard to merchant metadata, we provide homepage affiliate URLs, direct link homepage URLs, brief about merchant and logos. We assign a primary category and subcategories. Also, we provide options for createting affilaite links from all networks with which merchant is partnered with.

In case you don't have relationship with any network, you can use Coupilliate affiliate network, that  is our in-house program which uses our relationship with various networks and in-turn gives you ability to monetize all your links without any direct relationship with those networks.  We have partnered with 250+ merchants to offer you commission on conversions.

If you're not developer, yet wish to start couponing website, here is solution for that too. Coupomated2Live is a subscription for helping you creating couponing websites, configuring plugins to display the content from our datafeeds. This service is mainly for Wordpress couponing website customers using any standard theme available.

All in all, you get all content that is essential for a couponing website at quite an affordable price so that you can spend your time on business development leaving all content responsibility to us.

Not necessarily. If you do not want to join networks and yet monetize all programs, you can use Couplliate affiliate program, which is available for all plan subscribers. 

This is a great option for anyone just getting started – it's already approved as soon as you singup and get instant access to hundreds of programs.

Yes, coupomated data feed works with WordPress without any specific theme. Virtually you can use any theme and get our coupomated datafeed integrated.

Moreover, you can subscribe to WordPress integration service, Coupomated2Live.

Free Demo

Demo account is FREE for exploring various modules, predefined settings & options provided by Coupomated. There may be limitation on usage of one or other functionalities.

Of course yes, we have created demo WordPress website using top five couponing theme. Click here for more details on themes.

For WordPress backend login user name & password, login in dashboard and refer link for demo website, WordPress user name & password.

Demo account is usually valid for 7 days from the time it's activated.

Coupon Datafeed

Coupomated coupon datafeed includes;

  • Coupon ID
  • Coupon title
  • Coupon description
  • Coupon code
  • Coupon type
  • Offer value (% Discount)
  • Merchant ID
  • Merchant Name
  • Affiliate URL
  • Expiry Data
  • Categories

Additional content for Professional & Revnue Share subscribers;

  • Applicable on
  • Restricted on
  • Applicable to user type
  • Payment mode
  • Brands
  • Minimum purchase value
  • Maximum discount value
  • Other tems & condition

Coupomated coupon data feed is readily available in XML, JSON & CSV formats. 

If you've any custom format requirement, we can still provide the data.

Usually, every client has different requirements and preferences but the majority of our clients choose a JSON or XML format. We can also make our feed available in CSV, PIPE or Tab upon request.

Yes, we provide merchant metadata that includes;

  • Merchant name
  • Merchant logo
  • Merchant homepage URL
  • Brief about merchant
  • Merchant primary category
  • Merchant other category

We have partnered with 2700+ merchants to provide you coupon datafeed from.

We have comprehensive list of 84 categories. You can check list under dashboard.

The feed is updated in nearly real time duing business hour and add coupons to our database.

However, considering bandwidth limitation, you'll be able to see updated coupon data based on your plan either once a day (standard plan) or thrice a day (professional plan).


Our Standard plan is geared toward sites that are just starting out and don't require a lot of data and metadata. It only includes offers with coupon codes and basic word replacement feature.

Our Professional plan is best for serious content driven coupon, deal, and loyalty sites that require more content and metadata. Our Premium Feed includes all of the coupons and deals in our database for 2700+ stores.

Additionally, Professional plan subscribers get free access to our advanced word replacement, sentence spinning modules that gives you full control on coupon content customization.

Our feed for Professional plan subscriber contains fragmented coupon content under meaningful titles to offer better visibility, clarity to visitors, which in-turn help in getting more returning customers.

Fully managed plan is especially designed for high traffic website who're looking for effective ways to monetize their traffic in most efficient way. This plan is most suitable for media, tech review, forums websites.  Under this plan. we manage your couponing website end-to-end.

Yes, you can move from one plan to other. Only catch is new plan will effect from next month onwards.

Yes, we have lined-up many services that can be usuful for affiliates. 

Coupomated2Live - A WordPress integration service to help you build a coupoing website using any standard theme available.

Coupilliate Affiliate Network - Our in-house affilaite network to offer you seamless relationship experience from 250+ merchants.

We provide various size banners that can be integrated on your website for enhanced user experience.

Also, for those affiliates who prefer affiliate URL redirection using redirect script, we have service for automatically create redirect script based on selected network against each merchant.

These services are at nominal subscription charges.

We have many other such services coming soon, stay tuned!

We want you to Request a Demo first, see, experience our functionalities. And once you're sure about it, you can subscribe right from your demo account dashboard, make online payment.

Once payment is received, your account will be created, configured and share with you within one working day.

Coupomated currently offer online payment method. Payment can be made using any available payment options inclduing Credit Card, Debit Card & Net banking.


Coupomated2Live is a subscription for helping you in creating couponing websites, configure plugins to display the content from our datafeeds. This service is mainly for WordPress couponing website customers using any standard available themes.

Yes, at present this service is applicable only for clients who wish to build their couponing website using WordPress.

In future, we may add other platform also under this service.

We help you build a WordPress couponing website using any standard theme that you purchase from market.

Once you buy theme, domain & hosting, share the details with our support team, who will configure WordPress, couponing theme etc.

We also provide CConnect & Link Cloaking WordPress Plugin to enable connecting Coupomated with your website, so that coupon data fly from our database to your website. These premium plugnis are provided at no additional cost.

No, we don't support for theme customization for now.

Coupilliate Affiliate Network

Coupilliate affiliate network is our in-house program that uses our relationship with various networks and in-turn gives you ability to monetize all your links without any direct relationship with those networks.  We have partnered with 250+ merchants to offer you commission on conversion.

Coupilliate have relationship with around 250+ merchants across Indian ecommerce. We add keep adding merchants every month.

User dashboards contain elements of summary reporting. 

We provide various views including an Overview, a Daily, a Monthly and All time reports.

Our reports are updated daily once, however some transactions can take approximately 2 -3 days to appear, depending on the actual time that the transaction took place.

Commission payments are normally paid by online bank transfer or cheque.

There is minimum commission threshold of Rs 2,500/- for payout release.

Usually it takes 2-3 months of time to get captured sale converted into payable commission. You'll be able to see confirmed transactions in your reporting.



We provide data in 2 ways. You can evaluate and pick which is best , we will highlight which should be used for typical cases.

  1. Coupon DataFeed  - Where the data is already prepared as a file and kept ready on server, as delivered as csv/xml/json data.
    ?This is usually recommeded and used for WordPress based website.
  2. Coupon API - This is for people using solution other than WordPress, or WordPress developer who want prefer API.


This will happen for 2 reasons,

  1. Your website is not whitelisted, to do so, goto Account Information and update "Website" with proper link.
    ?Then, comeback to API Keys and click on "Re-Generate Data File"
  2. Another reason is that your data is not generated, to check this goto Browse COupons and Click on "Re-Generate Data"

This should solve the problem, if you still face the issue, drop us email at ""

This error is shown if you are downling the file manully, which is not allowed to prevent redistribution as per our policy.

So solve this error, simply make the file request from your server, and everything should go smooth.

So, what you can do is to refer demo file for developing the integration, as listed below , and when the integraion is ready, you can use Live API.

Demo DataFeed Details

Link For CSV Format
Link For XML Format
Link For JSON Format


Cashback Website Development

Coupon websites offer only coupons and promo codes to avail discounts, whereas cashback websites offer cashback on top of promotion coupons. Due to the extra cashback factor, you have acquired another loyal customer who’d repeatedly visit your portal when they shop online.

After Number of studies & analysis of the affiliate industry , there are five major factors why a cashback website is a much better choice.
  • Cashback industry worth USD 84 billion. 
  • Cashback website annual revenues is $4.5 million.
  • People prefer to place orders via cashback websites for high value orders.
  • People consume more cashback over promo coupon codes.
  • Refer and earn cashback is the best feature for cashback websites to acquire new customers. Especially for newly launched businesses.
  • Front-end website
  • Member dashboard
  • Admin panel
  • Basic content & FAQs
  • Integration with top 7 affiliate network (API keys to be provided by clients)
  • If bundled with Coupon API than, Merchant meta data viz. name, URLs, logo and category name
  • Configuration and deployment
  • Website logo
  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting (preferably DigitalOcean VPS with $5/Mo plan)
  • Registration with various affiliate networks
  • API Keys from affiliate networks
  • Networks & Merchant specific cashback structure
  • Merchant specific content to be published on your coupon website to help in SEO ranking organically
  • Generic content for website FAQs, Privacy Policy, About us etc.
Our cashback script website runs with 95% fully automated tasks. There are only few tasks left, which are:
  1. Monitoring of coupon creation
  2. Monitoring click, sale tracking & API call completion
  3. Answer to your member’s queries, if any.
  4. Apprise affiliate network about missing cashback claims
  5. Process payout request by GV, wallet balance or bank transfer
These tasks hardly require 30 minutes per day. You can spend your rest all-time on Marketing and building a brand.

Absolutely yes, you can set % commission you want to pass on to your customer at website level and also at merchant level.

Aha! Million dollar question! Looking at recent client’s progress, you can reach break-even within 3 months and profitable within 6 months with robust marketing plan in place. This duration is tentative and may vary client-to-client and strategy of your marketing.

Please share your choice of WordPress theme and we would study the integration possibility. Generally, our cashback script is built such a way that it can be integrated with any WordPress theme.

Right from creating, updating, expiring coupons to rewarding cashback to users, all tasks are done fully automatically. No manual intervention required. All these tasks are connected with Coupon API for end-to-end automation.
Our cashback Script integrates with top leading affiliate networks.
We Have synchronized our cashback script with an app and mobile app so in the future if you plan to launch your mobile app, you can integrate very easily.
Our cashback web app is integrated with all leading affiliate networks such as Optimise, Payoom, VCommission, iCubesWire, eBay Direct, Flipkart Direct, Snapdeal Direct, etc.
Fully-fledged cashback script with amazing features and add-ons to attract more visitors.
There are many outstanding options to offering great user experience visiting your website
  1. Refer & earn system
  2. A Record of each & every clicks made by your users.
  3. Payout withdrawal buys gift vouchers, wallet transfer and bank transfer
  4. Very user friendly dashboard to view & track cashback by members
  5. Easy social share to make the most out of referral functionality
  6. FAQ and important information on every page
  7. Comprehensive coupons & offers from hundreds of merchants.

There is nothing less than those leading coupon cashback website, except branding! This too can be developed over persistent marketing efforts.

Our cashback script has 95% automated tasks, the routine tasks left are

  1. Monitoring of coupon creation
  2. Monitoring click, sale tracking & API call completion
  3. Answer to your member’s queries, if any.
  4. Apprise affiliate network about missing cashback claims
  5. Process payout request by GV, wallet balance or bank transfer

Of course yes! The cashback script is fully compatible with Coupomated Coupon API.

No, coupon API is separate service you need to subscribe. Standard & Professional coupon API plans are compatible to cashback website. Choose any of these plans and subscribe to automate create, update & expire all coupons from hundreds of merchants fully automatically.

However, integration with Coupomated Coupon API is complementary with the cashback website development bundle.

Yes, you can still own cashback website without knowing any script or coding, just purchase our complete coupon cashback bundle and you can be owner! There’s hardly anything to be done at code level on the go. 

There are some merchants doesn’t allow to pass-on cashback to clients in any way, like Amazon. There is no way out. However, you can still promote their discount coupons & offers and keep 100% commission earned.

Another type of merchants doesn’t allow hard cash to be passed on, but are fine to pass-on the amount as reward point. Our cashback script has already feature to reward your users as reward points and those can’t be redeemed for bank transfer, but redeemed for Gift Voucher and Wallet transfer.

Coupon Webste

Low initial investment
Building a Coupon website with WordPress is easy, requires less investment, and provides so much customization as you want compared to other portals. You can pick from a number of available themes and customize them with ease.
Highly scalable
The coupon & Affiliate industry is highly lucrative as stats shows. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and the graph is increasing every year. It’s expected to be grown over 500 crores alone in India.
Quick returns
Who doesn’t like to save a penny while shopping online? As I mentioned before 90% of people highly prefer to redeem coupons while shopping. It increases the chance of people to visit more coupon websites and increases the benefits of coupon websites.
High Return on Investment
Affiliate marketing websites are known to generate high ROI. Most well-established e-commerce websites trust the coupon industry because it attracts maximum traffic and nearly guaranteed sales.
Analyze and get feedback from people on what they want, their behavior, and stats. Personalized experience after login will help them pitch the products they want. Giving the customer a genuine discount offer/coupon on a product or service they are about to buy online.
Your audience prefers your website more if you save them money.
A proper Coupon script will enable you to pitch the right products they want, and it will increase the user's shopping experience.
As Nader has said before, it's important to be able to solve your audience's problems or you'll have problems growing your business.
That's why it's essential to always include the best deal for them even if the best deal for your customer isn't the one that pays you the most commission.
Your approach should be to make your first-time customer a “Repeated Customer”. If they enjoy and benefit from your website for the first time, They will repay you by using your site EVERY time. Long term relationships with an existing customer will bring you new customers.
Additional information, discount, and interaction will make your customers feel that your website and you as owner care for them & their needs.
Allowing them to rate deals, leave comments, post their own deals, get involved with the community through forums, and so on.
Don't forget to build an Email Newsletter list as this will help bring in repeat traffic.
Promote your coupon codes during festivals or black Friday is the best strategy to get new customers.
Send out daily deals, blog content, email exclusives, news about the niche to keep people opening your mails.
In most of the cases, coupon websites work on a CPS (cost per sale) model. E-commerce stores pay commission for every successful sale generated from an affiliate daily deals coupon website.
The mechanism of tracking sales is fully automated. When any user clicks on outgoing URLs (i.e. Get Coupon button, etc.), the coupon code automatically pops up in a new tab with the retailer setting the cookie in the browser. The cookie tracks & records customer order and attributes automatically to the coupon website.
The number of page views or clicks along with sale is published in the dashboard provided by the affiliate network or merchant websites.
How does Affiliate Network work in the business?
In many cases, e-commerce websites have tied up with affiliate networks to take care of tracking and converting URLs to affiliate links and deal with advertiser affiliate coupon websites. Thus, having an account with one affiliate network can expose you to the multiple merchant’s affiliate programs.
3658 Coupons
509 Merchants
9 Networks
84 Categories